Sharrington Chronicles



Welcome to Sharrington

Located in Wiltshire, the duchy of Sharrington is a quaint country village with more than its fair share of scandalous happenings. The townspeople are a hard-working lot struggling to recover from the Swing Riots and still cursing their Duke's good name. Why, you ask? Wouldn't you if he had turned away from his responsibilities and left his holdings to languish under the heavy thumb of an estate manager?

If you're visiting, be wary of the road that passes Granger's Woolen Mill--when it rains, the swollen river waits to sweep away the unsuspecting. You'll find rich food and satisfying ale at Haverland's Inn, though given travelers rarely come through, the sleeping rooms don't offer much. But as for hospitality in general, Mr. Haverland's the best.

Sharrington VillageYou'll find fresh bread at the bakers, fresh flowers at the cart near the central well, and if you should need a seamstress Brynn Whitmore is the best in three counties. You'll find her at the top of the hill in a vine-covered cottage. Show caution though--occasionally the needle gets away from her.

Whatever your fancy you'll surely find, and if not, they'll do their best to come close. Before you say farewell though, stop in at the town surgeon for a dose of traveling tincture to keep the fevers away. Don't be surprised though if Miss Rebecca's services come with a wait in line. After all, a surgeon can only do so much with the Duke's constant distractions. We're all waiting for the day she puts him in her place.

The Sharrington Chronicles
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